Importing from Bookends

I am trying to improve the way I integrate DTP better with Bookends. I have started by indexing my BE attachments folder in DTP. For selected references, I then run a script I found in the forum which adds references to PDF and PDF annotations to the notes field in BE. I then import into DTP, where in Settings, I have turned Wikilinks on, to create a separate group containing references. The Notes field thus immediately containss (or it should) a link to the relevant PDF in the indexed folder. This is where my question arises.

There are two ways to import: File/Import/References from Bookends, or Data/New from Template/Education/Import (from Bookends). I am not clear about the differences between the two. Presumably the main difference is that the template used in the second method is user-editable, whereas with the first method it is not. However, the problem is that if I use the template method, Wikilinks are not created when I import the references. Should they be, or is the answer simply that I should forget about the template method? Using the template could be useful so I can customize the template.

Or would I do better to abandon this method and get the links I want (to the BE reference and to the attachment) by a different method, such as editing the “Summary” format in BE? I have not played around with trying to export links in that.

I have turned Wikilinks on

It’s not a matter of just turning it on. There are options involved here, e.g, are you using Names & Aliases ?

And yes, you can edit the Bookends template, if needed.

Thanks. Yes. I am using names and aliases. My puzzle was that Wikilinks seem to work with one import method but not with the other. That led me to think that there must be differences between the two import methods that I do not understand.

Since then, I realised that the Wikilink appears to work only in one direction , whereas I would like to be able to go both ways. Perhaps a different method is called for.