Importing from DayOne and changing the name

Hi @Stephen_C, I suppose I don’t have sufficient rights for now, because I don’t see the pencil.
@chrillek kindly proposed to help me with that.

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Hi Stephen,

Can you tell me how to get a Smart Rule to show as a script like this?? Would be very helpful to review so I can understand what’s going on under the hood, and then potentially build out rules using just AppleScript.

Did you add an Execute Script action?

Ohh, I overlooked a step in Stephen’s post - not sure if what I am thinking is possible.

I have one rule with the Execute Script action, but someone else created the script for me. The script does the exact same thing I was doing with the building-block options, but is much more efficient for me to just add to that script (sending files to folders) than building a new rule every time (even with the duplicate method).

Just curious if there is a way to build a Smart Rule using the building block tools, then view it as if it were built from AppleScript, so that I can kinda reverse engineer other rules once I understand how they look when viewed as AppleScript. With a deeper understanding, I would be able to build more AppleScripts and just drop them in the Execute Script container.

Hope that makes sense lol

Sorry but no you can’t reverse-engineer smart rules in this way. You can inspect the chain of actions but not the underlying processes.