Importing from Entourage

Would it be possible to create an AppleScript that would let one import selected mail from Entourage the way one can from Mail?


Should be possible but we don’t use any Microsoft software over here and therefore this is not that easy  ;)

Earlier versions of DT did this easily, just drag items from Entourage into the DT window, and they were ready to edit. Now DT no longer can read the Entourage .eml format.

Your only recourse is to select the Entourage items you wish to export and Save As… to the Desktop in the Text format. Then drag and drop them into DT where you wish.

Some Entourage scripts allow exporting multiple items to Text Edit and Word. You save them as a single file, which DT can read. See any of the Applescript archives and look for "Entourage Many to …" scripts.

(Their creator, Allen Watson, says that the export to Word no longer works under Panther and/or the Office X 10.1.5 Update. However, the Text Edit script does work; I just tried it.)

You can also drag an entourage mailbox to the desktop. It will save in a standard .mbox format. You can open the entire mailbox with textedit and import the entire mailbox as a single long text that way, if that suits you.

An applescript can be written to automate the same actions if desired.

I have modified the AppleScript that imports messages from to import Entourage messages. It basically took changing only 4 words in the whole script, and it works well with a moderately large body of messages.

Now that this works, I have decided I like DEVONthink better than its competitors. Besides being more powerful, it is easier to use - more intuitive.

Where can I send the AppleScript so it can be posted by DEVONtechnologies?

That’s great, thank you! Just send it to me or to <> and the script will be added to v1.7.5 (coming after the holiday season).

A Happy New Year to you and all other users!

This script seems very useful but I don’ty know how to install it.

How is this script installed?




I can understand your confusion, as this script was included with DEVONthink 1.7.5 as an uncompiled script. But using it is still very easy - just follow these steps:

  1. Select a message or messages in Entourage X
  2. Go to the script folder inside the DEVONthink application folder
  3. Double-click Import Selected Entourage Messages.scpt
  4. The Script Editor will open. At this point you have 3 options:
       A. Good.
           Just click on “RUN” on the tool bar, and you will import the
           desired message into DEVONthink
       B. Better.
           Click on “Compile” on the tool bar, and save the
           script as an application in whatever convenient folder you
           like. Then just double-click this application and it will work.
        C. BEST.
            Copy the script to ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/
             Entourage Script Menu Items. Then simply select this
             script from the Entourage Script Menu, and it works fine.
    Option C is very simple and it is probably the best - you don’t even have to be running DEVONthink at the time. It will open automatically. Cool!

Thanks for the script. It simplifies my life.

One query: Although I had set DT’s preferences to send imports to a specified folder, the script instead sends Entourage email to the DT "root" view. Can I change the script to send email to a specific folder?

Where did you set DT’s prefs to import into a certain folder?

DEVONthink 1.7.5 – Preferences/Notes/Destination of Notes & Summarizations/Group/MySelectedGroup

Content imported from Safari, DEVONagent and DT’s internal browser goes to "MySelectedGroup" automatically. But Entourage email imported via the script goes to the "root" view, instead.

I would like to control the destination of batches of Entourage email by using the DT Notes destination setting.

Once more, thanks for the script.  :D

I think that those prefs only determine the location for creation of new notes and summarizations. There is no pref, as far as I can tell, to determine the location of an import (this is a different command in the DT ApplesScript dictionary).

I have been unable to find any command in the DT dictionary to specify the location of the creation of imports.

There is a "move" command that I have played with, but unfortunately I cannot seem to get it to accept Groups as variables. Perhaps someone at D.T. knows how to do that, and I could then add a line to MOVE the imported mail to a group.

Thanks for the response. The script is still useful, as long as I manually clean up and organize batches of emails as I import them.

Christian, any AppleScript hooks to direct email to a group specified in the DEVONthink preferences – or in the script itself?

The "move" command is part of the standard Cocoa AppleScript suite and does nothing related to DT’s database.

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe in v1.7.6 (either a preference or a modified command).