Importing from files app

Hi everyone.
New to this forum and this is my first post.

For now I just want to highlight an issue regarding importing a document from Files app (ios 17).
I imported a .md document into the DTTG however upon importing, the document creation and modification dates are not preserved and DTTG is only showing the current date (import date).

Is there a way that the original creation and modification dates be preserved when importing a document? Thank you in advance for taking time to reply to this.

Welcome @ADVAIT

Imported how?

Thank you.
I imported using the share sheet directly from the Files app.

Is there any other way?

How is the document getting into Is this a scan or something?
And when you using the Share menu, it is sending a copy, so the copy – technically a new file – would logically have a new creation and modification date.

A Shortcut should be able to pass the dates to DTTG, through the Get Detail of Files action. Apple Shortcuts does not appear to recognize .md as plain text, so you might have to change the extension of your files to .txt before using their content for DTTG’s Create Item action.

The document is exported from Bear app as markdown. The exported file has the original creation dates in the Files app.

I don’t see any other way to add individual files or even a folder to DTTG other than the share sheet extension.

Why are you exporting to then trying to share to DEVONthink To Go? I don’t use Bear on mobile.

Because I have a lot of files exported from Bear which I need to import in DTTG. Preserving their dates are important for me for sorting purpose.

I think it’s not possible in DTTG as I also tried moving the file to a DEVONthink database within the Files app but with the same result.

Will try it using DT3 but I was hoping it would be possible on mobile as well.

Thanks for the tip however this seems a bit lengthy or complicated for me.

I can tell you why it’s happening but it’s not going to fix your problem. If you use the share sheet it basically sends a copy of the file. This is true for any file type - it’s not erasing it from the original location, it’s creating and importing a copy of the file to the location you asked. So DTTG is reporting the correct creation date, which is the date and type you created the copy. The original file remains in its original location (in this case the Files app).

This seems a reasonable mechanic, I suspect a lot of customers would be annoyed if files got removed from the original location completely when you used the share sheet.

I can’t see a way round this. I tested an alternative workflow for you using the “Move” function in the Files app to move the file from iCloud to DTTG, but that’s explicitly a copy mechanic as well (Apple name it as such and I’ve confirmed this). As far as I can tell the only way you’d get what you want is by moving the files on a Mac, which wouldn’t have this copy mechanic.


Thanks for your response. I just needed this type of clarity. I had also tried moving within the Files app with the same result. Anyway, it’s fine for me to do it on Mac.