Importing from "hits" from Bookends to DTPO

Hello All,

Brand new user of DTPO and Bookends. I’ve had hit or miss success in importing “hits” (checked references) in Bookends, along with the notes attached to those hits, into DTPO. I had some success yesterday in both the initial import and subsequent import once I added new notes to the hit (after the first import). However, today, I seem to have no luck.

I am confident I am hitting all the right keystrokes/buttons in both BE and DTPO.

I will admit that I’m getting kind of frustrated since this is one of the main reasons I bought a Mac in the first place - to have DTPO and BE “talk” to each other, and they seem to do so so haphazardly.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.


Do you use File > Import > References from Bookends? And what does exactly fail?

Yes, that’s what I do: File - Import - References from Bookends - Hits .

After I press Enter or OK, DTPO gives the briefest of “status bars” ( I don’t know the proper term for a graphic that shows a program is loading/downloading something.), and then it quits about half-way through the loading process.

I then go to the Download manager and it says that 0 files have been imported and 0 have been updated.

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.


Are the items in “Hits” in Bookends checked? Items that aren’t checked will not import.

Yes, the hits are checked.

What OS, version of DEVONthink, and version of Bookends are you running?

OS X 10.9.4; BE 12.2.3; DTPO 2.8

Already imported items are skipped, therefore this might be correct.