importing html

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can answer this for me…

Every once in awhile I sell something on eBay, so I’ve got a bunch of different text files containing the html code for the ad. I’d like to house these in DT for quick and easy access. The problem is that when I drag ‘whatever.html’ into DT from my hard drive, it doesn’t seem to import the file (same thing if I do File->Import…). Rather, it just leaves it where it is (currently, on the desktop) and links to it. I didn’t expect this to be the case, as I don’t have any problems with other file types (.pdf, .jpg, .rtf, .txt, etc.). That is, when I drag these other file types in, they get copied to the database (or to a folder within the database folder).

I have also tried creating a new text document in DT and pasting in the html code. This works, but it doesn’t let me preview it. What I want to do is have these files copied into the DT database in such a way that I can duplicate, edit and preview them. I don’t like the idea of linking to them, as I want everything to be self-contained.

So, the question is… Can I do this? (and, if so, how?)



Forget it… It seems to work. I was confused by the fact that, when I would ‘Get Info’ on the item, it would give the path (to the desktop) and the url (also a path to the desktop). Thus, I thought it was actually just pointing to the desktop… It seems that it has imported it as expected.

This will certainly make my eBaying easier! The ability to dupe, edit, and check my little ads in this program is great!!!