Importing images

Hi there

I’m puzzled by the way DevonThink is working with certain file formats.

I’m basically using DT as a database for pdf, rtf and txt content. I don’t want to import images but occasionally I will drag a directory to DT that might have some images and I want to stop them from being imported.

I have unchecked the "images" option under the "Import" tab in the prefs. I have also unchecked "create links to unkown file types".

Under the "Images & PDF" tab I have checked "Copy Files to Database".

If I now test these  settings by importing a jpg, say, then it actually gets copied to the DT Files directory. I would have thought that nothing should happen because of the prefs above.

Any clues appreciated.


These settings are only applied to the contents of folders (and their subfolders) - e.g. if you drag a JPEG image to DT, the file will be always imported. But if you turn off the "Images" option and drag some folders to DT, the images inside these folders are ignored.

Got it.

Thanks for that. I suppose my testing by dragging an image in was not really indicative of how I actually use DT.