Importing iPhoto database into DEVONthink Pro Office

Hi all.

Is there a way (script, extension) that enables us to make an incremental backup of the iPhoto data into a DEVONthink Pro Office database?

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No, but why are you trying to do this? DEVONthink isn’t a backup application.

I can see why the OP might want the occasional photograph in DEVONthink but the whole iPhoto database? There are far better back-up solutions.

Hi there.

I do not want import the complete iPhoto database into DVth. That would be of no use indeed.

I just want to export the photos and movies in iPhoto into corresponding (events) folders within DVth. And then sync that with DropBox. I tried to sync the complete iPhoto database with DropBox, but that takes ages…

Importing photos and movies would give me another big advantage: tagging.


  1. Sorry but what is the difference between the “iPhoto database” and “the photos and movies in iPhoto”?

  2. You can tag in iPhoto