Importing large email box

Just registered DT Pro Office. I’d like to bring my email into a database that is dedicated to emails. My inbox has about 7,500 emails in it.

  1. Can I just import this from within DT pro office and expect it will import ok with such a large in box?

  2. When I import in the future, although I understand duplicates are not re-imported, will it be a problem (ie, take a long time) to import every week to keep DT database up to date?

  3. Lastly, if I use “import complete conversations,” I understand this will import sent part of threads as well. Will importing “sent” mailbox duplicate emails?


This should be possible assuming that the size of the messages is more or less a usual one.

The duplicate check is quite negligable and is valid for any mail message no matter how it got into the database.

Note that there is a known issue (a memory leak) when you import complete conversations, so after the import I recommend you restart the application.