Importing Logs

Hey there,

Quick question: Is there anyway to get DevonThink Pro to do live updates on a directory?

IE: I have logs from Adium chat, and I want to point DevonThink to a directory (and sub-directories) containing those logs so that I can search for them without having to re-import those logs every few days.

Any way to do that?

Have you tried indexing the parent directory (that will also index the children)?

Nope…I wasn’t aware that indexing ran a ‘live’ index and adds files as they are created in those directories. Does it…?

Not live, like in instanteous live, but it’s a simple matter to update the index - either with the keyboard shortcut or attaching the Synchronize script to the indexed group in DEVONthink which causes the index to update when you select the parent group. There’s plenty of discussion of these features on the forum, so I won’t repeat it. But as always the thing to do is try it out - experimenting won’t break anything.

Great! I’m going to try it now and thank you for your replies and the info. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to thank you. It’s exactly what I needed. Works perfectly. :slight_smile: