Importing mail from another archiving app

Hello. I have DTPO 2.8.2.

I have started archiving email from Apple Mail and DTPO does a great job. However, I had started archiving a year or two ago in another app called Mail Archiver X. It will allow me to export those emails to MBOX, which I did successfully, but DTPO wasn’t able to read that file - the MBOX has 450 mb in it and DTPO “opens” the MBOX file and sees zero emails in it.

Any other suggestions? I have attached a screen shot from the export options dialog from Mail Archiver X with all the formats I can export to.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.59.17 PM.png


How did you import the .mbox file? Via drag & drop on DEVONthink’s Dock/Finder icon or via File > Import > Email…?

File, Import, Email

Is Apple Mail able to import the mbox file? In that case you could import the emails from Apple Mail afterwards.

Perfect solution, that worked great. Thanks!