Importing mail: 'previously imported'

I’ve been importing my mail from Apple Mail into Devonthink.
I expected that the number of mails imported into the database + the number of mails previously imported (from the log) would equal the number of mails in the original folder. But this isn’t the case. For instance, I had an original folder of about 400 mails, of which 60 were imported but only 5 were reported in the log as ‘previoulsy imported’.

It is quite possible that they appear elsewhere in the database: I’ve tried searching for a few emails and they all seem to be there, but it’s a bit scary.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Thanks for putting your mind to this

The duplicate detection is based on the unique mail-id or on the checksum of the contents of each mail message if there is no unique mail-id. Therefore the message may be a bit misleading on the initial import but the method really tries to make sure that no erroneous detection takes place. On a test import of 20000 messages all the flagged duplicates where actually duplicates.

Thanks Annard. The problem is a bit different: only five duplicates were flagged from an original mailbox of 400: but only 60 messages ended up in the devonthink folder. So what happened to the other 340 messages? Either they were duplicates, but weren’t flagged; or they weren’t duplicates, and they weren’t imported into devonthink.

More problematic is the fact that I can’t find a way, once I have the mails in the database, to find, say, all the mails from John Smith, as opposed to all the mails to him, or which just mention him. Nor can I search for all mails between certain dates.

Any ideas?

The other messages must be imported if they weren’t flagged as duplicates. In the console it has logged a detailed message that you can check in this case (exactly how many were imported, had problems or were duplicates). If no error was given they really should be in your database.

The other problems we are aware of and will be fixed in a future release.