Importing Mail Results in "Skipped already imported email" Message

I frequently archive email from a large email account configured in Apple Mail.

I did used to use the importer, but that stopped working because it either causes Apple Mail to crash or DevonThink never lists the messages. So I moved on and started to just manually drag & drop from Apple Mail to DevonThink Pro. This has worked well for quite some time, perhaps a year.

Now I’ve run into a folder that won’t import, with each message resulting in an error in the logs stating “Skipped already imported email.” I have not imported this folder. Additionally, when I search the database for any of the messages that won’t import, I do not find them.

Is there a way to force the import?

Edit: I forgot to mention I have verified the database with no errors found.

Is the plugin for Apple Mail installed & enabled? Or do you already use the Sonoma beta which doesn’t support plugins anymore?

Emails are skipped if there are already emails with the same message ID (which is supposed to be unique) in the same database. Is there anything in the trash?

The plug-in is installed and active. And long gone are the days of standing in line outside and Apple Store or CompUSA to get the latest OS X DVD. OS upgrades are now a thing of dread for me. I’m still on Monterey. :slight_smile:

There was a whole lot in the trash, and lo and behold emptying the trash solved the problem with both the plug-in and with importing this pile of mail messages. Fingers crossed at least, nearly 6,000 messages are currently importing.

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Glad to hear that this solved the issue.

Actually the plug-in isn’t turning out so well. It’s very slow, and gets stuck.

However, the drag & drop is working better than ever. It’s fast and doesn’t get hung up. For probably a year now I would have to drag & drop in small batches. I just kicked off a huge one and it’s marching right along.

I even included within the selection the range of messages that had been imported by the plug-in, before it got stuck. The big drag & drop skipped the 1500 or so duplicates I knew were there, and added a few messages I suspected had been mixed inside that selection that were skipped by the plug-in (thanks to the log).