Importing mail

What, if any, are the benefits of the “Import in DevonThink Pro Office” plug-in as opposed to, say, selecting a message in Mail, opening it, then choosing Print> Save as PDF in DevonThink Pro Office, or choosing DevonThink Pro Office in the Services menu of Mail? Am I right that that the only advantage with the plug-in is that you DO NOT have to open the message in Mail before sending it to DTPO? Or are there other advantages too?

The biggest advantage is that if the message contains attachments, they will be included completely, unlike the PDF version you print. Other nice-to-have’s are if you select more than one, they will be individually imported unlike PDF export. Also compared to the scripts we ship, this method doesn’t flag the messages in Mail since it uses more sophisticated methods to detect if a message has been imported before.

Other advantages in no particular order:

  • it is possible to do a Reply-To to the original sender from within DTPO
  • related messages can be imported at the same time without you having to hunt for them
  • you could label flagged or high priority messages
  • if you use MailTags, some of its data will be set in the Comments of the record

Probably others that I can’t think of right now.

I was not aware that the plugin can do all that. All those features of the plugin in DEVONthink Pro Office sound so important that I am wondering if you plan on including a similar plugin for DEVONthink Pro? Right now I am using DTP. I am debating whether I should upgrade to DTPO.

No, adding the mail archiving module of DTPO to DT Pro isn’t planned.

“Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 11:16 am Post subject:
None of the current mail import scripts import attachments.
However we do have a solution in the works that captures almost all available information from email messages. And you do not have to wait for DT2. Stay tuned to the announcements.” Devonthink

Sorry to say, but you forgot to mention the upgrade-price to DTPO! I expected a better email-import for DTP v.2. A solution at least as good as the DTPO email-plugin, which is less than perfect (no subfolders). Without much better email-import I see no reason to upgrade to DTPO and no email-plugin in DTP v2 would let me seek for another solution. DTPO should have been DTP v2 (without OCR).

Am I to understand that we will only get rich-text/HTML import of email into DevonThink Pro if we buy the upsell license to Devon Office?

I know many of us have been waiting for the ability to archive email into DevonThink from Apple Mail and Entourage in it’s true formatted form.


Yes. The enhanced mail archive features in DTPO took months of programming development. :slight_smile: