Importing mails in maildir format


I have a very large mail archive in maildir format, split in several mailboxes, and I would like to import them one by one in DT. If I select the root of the maildir folder, I get the mailboxes as expected (except that it takes a very long time before I can do anything, this is almost 20 years of email there). If I select a single folder, then the name of the mailbox is guessed wrong.

More precisely, the mail is structured as:
local/.old.1996.11 (with cur, tmp, and new inside)
local/.old.1996.12 (same thing)

If I select “local”, I import all the mail and the box names are correctly inferred, after I wait about 10 minutes for DT to be responsive again. If I choose just .old.1996.11, I then get one mailbox per message, with the name of the mailbox being “cur/name_of_the_file”. This is not nice because I need to individually import each file (I cannot select several mailboxes).

Is there a way to only consider the messages in some mailboxes while scanning? I tried using symbolic links, but it did not work.



DEVONthink doesn’t include support for maildir format yet, the command File > Import > Files & Folders… (or drag & drop to DEVONthink) imports the files & folders without any modification.

Any chance that you could zip an example folder and send it to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

I find that using the mail importer worked well enough, with the caveat that one has to import the whole mail archive and not just a subgroup.

I’ve sent you an archive with a small maildir mailbox.