Importing materials to database *from within* DTPO

Please forgive me for what must be a very basic question: :blush:

When you navigate to a new web page (or open a PDF, or any other type of online file) from within the Devonthink Pro Office web browser, how do you then add or import that page (or file) to your database?

My workaround has been to open the same file in Chrome and then ‘Clip to Devonthink’ with the bookmarklet. But there must be a more direct way! :neutral_face:


Just right-click in the Web view-there are several options available for capturing the page.

Of course! That makes sense. Thanks very much.

One question, though. This works for web pages, but how do you capture the PDFs (or other files–say, MP3s) that are on those web pages? When I load a PDF in DTPO’s browser I can’t right/control-click to capture it; and if I control-click the link I can’t capture the file. Here are the options I get instead:

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 13.31.16 .png

Actually you can-here is the contextual menu from a PDF from the Web site you have pictured above. Notice the last choice is ‘Capture PDF’

You can control-click the link, then select ‘Add Link to Downloads’…

then download the file from the menu 'Window>Download Manager.

I can use the Downloads folder, thank you!

But I’m confused. In my DTPO 2.5.2, my contextual menu for a PDF I’ve loaded into the browser window looks like this. How did you get the one you’ve shown above?

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 14.08.56 .png

Beats me-don’t know why your contextual menu looks like that.

There is also a toolbar command available to capture the PDF. You may need to customize your toolbar to make it available.