Importing mbox from Apple Mail

Hi everybody!

I would like to Import nearly 2 GB worth of mbox-Files from one of my custumers. These files are directly out of his ~/Library/Mail Folder and are generated with the APPLE Mail Programm. I don’t like to put this into my own APPLE Mail or create a new User-Accout to import it from there with the applescripts von Devontech, so is there a way to parse these mbox-files and imort it with the complete folder-Structure into DT Pro?? Any suggestions or pointers?


– Bernie

If you don’t want to use Mail/AppleScript to import these you need to do several things:

  • Check if these files are from Tiger Mail or Panther Mail. If they are from Tiger’s Mail than you are in luck because every message is found in one file, you would only have to change the extension to “txt” to access the raw message data. In the other case you end up with a “mbox” file that contains all the messages for a mailbox (also give it a “txt” extension).
  • If messages are in not in plain text then you need a way to decode the MIME encapsulation to access included files etc. You could also have problems with character encodings.

I haven’t tried this but all in all a possible but rather inconvenient process. But you’d end up with an indexed overview of the mail that you can browse in DT Pro.

Yes, it’s 10.4-Mail and it’s in single messages, so there are no problems, it works!
Have overlooked that…

– bernie