Importing messages from Apple Mail

Hello, I’m on Catalina latest version with Devonthink latest version. I’m trying to import messages from Apple mail, from an Office 365 mailbox with 17,000 messages. It is taking 40+ hours and failing, either by using Import ‘Mailbox’ or drag and dropping into Devonthink. Importing the Mbox from the apple mail folder fails as well. But… what I find, is that importing the mails using Eagle Filer, and letting Eagle Filer generate a new mbox file, and importing that into Devonthink, works in a about one hour … it cruises like it should be.

There is something wrong with the import process from Apple mail. It is pityfully slow and bares on being unusuable.


Did you install the plug-in for Apple Mail and enable it too? You might also disable the option to import complete conversations (see Preferences > Email) as that’s unnecessary when importing/archiving complete mailboxes.

Of course, as well as issued these commands, which allowed me to see the plugin as registered in the mail control panel in Catalina

sudo defaults write “/Library/Preferences/” EnableBundles 1
defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 4

But I did not try disabling import conversations… i will

What does exactly fail?