Importing multiple pages to devonthink with web archive

Happy day to all. Web archive is a great way to import and view pages in devonthink without downloading the url. However I have only been able to import a single page at a time from devonagent to devonthink. I want to import an entire archive from devon agent to devon think, but using the web archive feature so that pages are captured and not url’s. Is this possible? And if so, how can I then post the pages from Devonthink to an external html page using apple script?

At the moment, web archives can only be created from displayed (rendered, interpreted) web pages. So, you have to display each page you want to add to DEVONthink, then use the Action menu to create a web archive of it in your database.

Regarding posting: When you export web archives from DEVONthink they will be saved as HTML pages. You can trigger this using AppleScript.