Importing notes from Zotero

I import notes from Zotero into DTPO by dragging the note from Zotero into the desired group in DTPO. When I drag one note at a time, everything works fine. However, if I drag two or more Zotero notes at once, they show up in the DTPO group all merged together into one document. Is it possible to drag two or more notes at the same time from Zotero into a DTPO group so that each note arrives and appears as a separate document? If so, would someone please tell me what setting to use or change to do that? Thanks.

What versions of DEVONthink, OS X and Firefox are you using?

When you drag in the notes to DEVONthink, what format are they? RTF?

If you drag multiple notes to the Desktop or some other folder, are they combined, or are they separated?

I am using version 2.8.1 of DEVONthink, 10.9.5 of OSX, and 33.0.1 of Firefox. The format of the notes I am dragging from Zotero is HTML. If I drag multiple notes from Zotero to another folder in Zotero, they are separated. However, if I drag multiple notes to my Desktop, they are combined. Thanks.

That might indicate it is something Zotero is doing – though odd. I’ve never seen DEVONthink merge notes without being asked to do so.

I agree, it is odd and a mystery. I guess I’ll just have to drag each Zotero note into DTPO, one by one, unless someone else can come up with something based on their experience. Nevertheless, thank you very much.

Instead of dragging, does it work if you select multiple notes in Zotero, copy them (⌘C) to the clipboard, then paste into your database (⌘V)? It is possible to select several files in Finder and paste them into DEVONthink this way – so perhaps this will work with Zotero notes? (WAG, of course)

Good idea, thanks, but it won’t work for me. Zotero is recalcitrant.