Importing older email


I have an old IMAP email account folder that I used to previously access via, however it’s no longer recognized by All of the email is still stored locally in ~/library/Mail, and I can open and read any of the messages by doing a QuickLook or by double-clicking and having it open in

I’ve imported the emails into DT Pro Office by doing Import -> Files & Folders, as Import -> Email … doesn’t allow me to point the Open dialog box at the folder. This worked OK, but the messages are named nnnn.emlx, as opposed to the Subject name, and they don’t quite work like email that I’ve sent to DT Pro Office via or Imported using Import -> Email …

Is there anyway to import these email messages, and have them act like email messages, and be linked to their appropriate attachments?



You could try this after (!) backing up the folder ~/Library/Mail:

  1. Launch Apple Mail
  2. Create a new local mailbox named “Old”
  3. Quit Apple Mail
  4. Copy the “Attachments” and “Messages” folders from the old IMAP account to ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Old.mbox
  5. Launch Apple Mail again
  6. Rebuild the mailbox “Old”

The emails might now be accessible via the “Old” mailbox.

Christian, this worked like a charm! Thank you very much!