Importing one email from Apple Mail

I’m using apple mail app with El Capitan and DTPO 2.8.6.

I selected an email in apple mail and then from the Message menu chose "Add to Devonthink Pro Office.

What happened was that the entire mail inbox was imported into Devonthink.

Is there any way to import a single email into Devonthink?

Thank you

Looks as though I solved my problem. Should have thought more about it before posting. I just dragged the individual email from apple mail into the sorter. That took care of it.


Not entirely, as following the steps you described using the menu command ‘Add to DEVONthink Pro Office’ should have imported only the selected email. If you can test this again and replicate your results, it might be helpful to open a support ticket to find out what is causing the problem.

OK, will do and report back.


Well, I did it again. This time using a different mailbox and the same thing happened, all the messages in the mailbox (more than 500) were imported into the Global Inbox, just as before with a different mailbox. Only one message was selected.

I’ll open a ticket as you suggested.


Are you selecting an email in the Inbox or a separate mailbox and are you positive you didn’t select Mailbox > Add to DEVONthink Pro Office?

Well, that’s exactly what I did, that is, I did select one message – but in order to do that, of course, the mailbox is selected, too.

But I chose ADD to Devonthink Pro Office from the Mailbox menu and not from the Message menu.

I just didn’t realize that the choice was in both menus.

I really feel stupid about this. But thanks for showing me what I was doing wrong.


No worries. Not paying attention myself, I did exactly the same thing! :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

The Apple Mail plugin imports from the Apple Mail menu, “mailbox” and “messages”.