Importing only specific emails?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve started using Devonthink recently again, and I was wondering if anyone has ever figured out how to import specific type of emails. At my university, students emails always end with “” so an email might be University employee emails are only “” missing the "my"part. If there was a filter option seems like it would be easy enough.

Is there a way to automatically import emails that end with “”? I’m trying to avoid importing all my emails. This would allow me to connect students conversations over time and their assignments. This will be especially helpful when students request letters of recommendation.

I’d appreciate any pointers/tips

You could try a Mail Rule running one an AppleScript.

Thanks! This is great. I didn’t even know this was an option. I could probably look into a script that can look into multiple folders including the archived email folders (the current script only imports those in my inbox and I archive email after acting on it, so those don’t get noticed).

You’re welcome.