Importing OpenOffice documents?

I am currently trialling Devonthink and Devonagent, and getting along well with both applications.  However, I have a request you may not have had before: in my perfect world, I would like to be able to import OpenOffice documents.  OpenOffice is the Mac implementation of StarOffice, Sun Microsystem’s attempt to wrest control of the office productivity software  market from Microsoft.  The first few versions were pretty dreadful, but the current versions are quite usable, and a lot cheaper than anything coming out of Redmond.  I work for Sun, and StarOffice/OpenOffice is what we are supposed to use.  So yesterday I handed Devonthink about 1200 miscellaneous technical documents, which it gulped down easily (mostly PDFs and text files), but it choked on the StarOffice documents.

Now StarOffice will open an MS Word file about 99% of the time (doesn’t like embedded tables), so is it a big ask to get Devonthink to read StarOffice?



We’re currently talking to a third party company that makes filters for importing and exporting various word processor file formats. So, we’re working on it, but we can’t promise anything yet.