Importing pdf from browser

If I read a pdf in DevonAgent browser, I can easily import it into Devonthink. If I have the same pdf document in the Devonthink browser or Safari, however, no similar option seems to exist (at least in DT personal). This seems frankly absurd: do I have to save the pdf on my desktop and then drag it into DT? I hope not, but I can’t find another solution. While is the “add to DT” command not available in DT browser? Please tell me I am missing something…

There’s currently no easier solution for DT Personal available but we’ll add a Capture PDF command to all editions. But the only ways to add PDFs from Safari will be still to either save+import, to use scripts or to print the PDF to DEVONthink.

Printing to DEVONthink Personal is possible by adding an alias of DEVONthink Personal to the folder ~/Library/PDF Services.

Thank you for your reply. In fact I just upgrade yesterday to DT Pro (mainly for the possibility to use more databases), and have therefore started using scripts, folder actions, etc. Nonetheless, a simpler way to do pdf importing (like the one available in Devonagent, or using the services menu) would be a very useful feature.

Hi Lorenzo,

we all have this problem more or less.

For me this solution works best (I call it Bills Advice, because normally he propose this).

Create a folder somewhere (e.g. your deskotop). Then use the Import-folder action to this folder (you will find it in the Extras Folder you´ve downloaded with DTpro).

Then you where able to save a pdf from Safari into this folder, and immediatly it travels to your DTPro database becaus ofthe attached folder action.

It is not so cool like in DA but comfortable enough, I think.

Thank you. In fact, that’s the solution I chose in the end. Not brilliant, but usable. :confused: