importing pdf preferences

hi - although this is covered in the manual, i am wondering how people import pdfs into devonthink. specifically, i do’t want to link to the originals, but am not sure whether it is better to:

• Copy files to database folder: This option will make copies of all files you are importing into the database in a special folder (~/Library/Application Support/ DEVONthink /Files/) and link to these copies. This option is fast and secure.

• Copy files into database: This option stores all data of the files you are importing directly in the database itself. This keeps you file system clean and makes sure, that the documents/references in the database and the real data never runs out of sync. It’s more compact, too.

Is there any reason that one of the 2 is better?

thanks for the help, eric

See Moving to a new usage style for some discussion about PDF import choices.

Note to Bill: this topic might be a candidate for the Wiki.