Importing pdf problem

I seem to have developed a problem with importing pdfs, it seems not to happen although it looks like it is happening! When I try to import either through the File>import>files & folders menu or by drag and drop or even by dragging into the sorter, I get the dreaded spinning wheel for ages and then nothing! The database I am wishing to import into is quite large at 10.1GB and I wonder if this is the problem? Should I split the database?

Also, and I wonder if this is related but I don’t know why it should be, my global inbox shows that I have 146 items in it, but none actually show up in the listing space—see attachment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
pic1.tiff (40.2 KB)
pic1.tiff (40.2 KB)

You’re probably not viewing the root of the global inbox, otherwise the “Tags” group should be visible. Just use Go > Top Group.

Did you try to import the document into a smaller database, e.g. the global inbox? How long did you wait, did you use force quit?

After having another look at the screenshot, the middle pane (the grey bar to the right of “146”) is quite tiny and therefore you’re probably not able to view the groups at all.

Thanks for your replies. The screen shot was only part of the whole, sorry it confused. Here is attached the whole. I have tried “go>top group” as you suggested and the picture is the result, no difference.
pic2.tiff (138 KB)

I believe that what Christian is suggesting is that due to the narrow width of the middle pane, you will not be able to see any documents in this view if they are contained in groups in the Global Inbox. The ‘Status’ column is all you have visible in the middle pane. As example:

Inbox with narrow middle pane

Same Inbox with width of middle column reset

Okay thanks guys, I have sorted it now by simply clicking on a different view they have all showed up! Thanks very much for your help :smiley:

Uhh! Dummy! It has indeed sorted the problem of not seeing the global inbox but not the main problem of importing pdf’s!

Please send the document to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll check this over here, thanks!

Thanks Christian for this. Before I try to send it the document is very large, 2.1 GB, and I am wondering if that is the problem?

DEVONthink can handle much larger PDFs than that

Privately emailed you. Thanks.