Importing PDFs from Evernote creates two notes in a group

When I imported a notebook from Evernote (using the legacy edition) into Devonthink - it did a lot of extra work for the PDFs. For each PDF it created an RTF note with a link to the PDF. It also grouped both.


How do I automate deletion of the extra note and then remove the group, without deleting the notes that don’t have associated PDFs.

This has been covered in the forums before and it’s how Evernote does its exporting.

Here is my smart rule that can assist in the cleanup. Target the Evernote group in your database.

Clean Evernote (1.4 KB)

Thanks I did my best to find it and failed, can you help me see what I missed. I will install the smartrule. - Thanks Mark

FWIW When I ran Smart Rule it deleted many other notes in the Notebook. I suspect the idea is that I should only drag thinks that are suffering from grouping to it. - Mark

For notes with pdf file attachments, Evernote exports

  1. a container
  2. the note (enml format)
  3. the pdf files

Devonthink imports this as

  1. a group
  2. the note (formatted note - html)
  3. the pdf files
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Thanks. I guess I will just learn to live with this, import slowly only drag the grouped items into the Smart rule. - Mark