Importing PDFs from the web?

I’m new to DT and am trying out DTP.
For some reason I just can’t figure out how to import a PDF on the web into DTP. It’d be great if there was a way to do it from Safari, but I can’t even figure out how to do it from within DTP! I tried plugging the PDF URL into “import site” and it ends up importing a tiny scaled-down low-res version of the PDF, and pointing to the original on the web!
Would anyone mind enlightening me please?

That’s a bug of V1.2, V1.2.1 will fix this. In the meantime disable the “Import to database” option of the download manager so that the PDF will be downloaded to the download folder. Then just import the downloaded file.

Wanted to say thanks. A tad inelegant, but it fixed my problem anyway. Also, perhaps related to the same bug, with the “Import to DB” option selected, the PDF would be incredibly small, but also it would show the correct word count and though apparently all the text was there, I could never move beyond the first page. Just letting you know.

That’s the same bug reported by UniAce and fixed in v1.2.1.