Importing PDFs

I just downloaded DT and I purchased PDFKey and now I need these to work, but am lost. I unlocked a PDF and then when I imported the unlocked PDF into DT it came in with ‘no text’ in the log window. I’m probably doing something obviously wrong, but I’m new at this and would appreciate any help. I need to be able to edit and search PDFs for school and figuring this out would go a long way. Thanks.

Are you sure you imported the right file? PDFKey is usually set up to produce a copy of the file, and it’s the copy that is unencrypted. The original file remains encrypted.

I am sure I’m importing the right file. The file’s name is XXXX_unlocked.pdf. There is no difference, as far as I can tell, between the unlocked files and the locked files (i’ve tried both).

It’s very possible that the PDF file you were experimenting with is an image-only file, with no text.

Perhaps it’s just a scanned image that wasn’t run through OCR.

I would be happy to check the file if you attach it to an email to Support. (In DT/DT Pro select Help > Support to trigger an email message in your default email application.)

Ah. That’s probably it, although how do I know if it’s an image-only file? Is there a quick way to tell?

If you still have the PDF in your database, select it and open the Info panel.

Look at Kind. If the PDF contains computer-readable text it will say “PDF+text”. If not, as I recall, it will say “Image”, or maybe “PDF Image” or maybe just “PDF”.