Importing Problems and Questions

I’ve been playing around with DTPro, and I have some questions about importing documents.

  1. I’m trying to import a lot of RTF files (among others) that were originally created in MS Word and some of which contain graphics. When I import them, they appear but without the graphics. Is this a limitation of OS X’s importer, or something with DTPro?

  2. When importing all these files, I had my preferences set so that it didn’t “copy linked files to database folder” for those documents to which it “creat[ed] [a] link to unknown file types” and yet DTPro still seemed to copy these files to the databse folder. Is this a known problem with the beta?

  3. And this might be my biggest problem, and the major reason I keep “playing around with” DT rather than using it as a regular part of my work flow: I’m always worried about messing with my original files when I’m using DT (Pro or not). For example, the RTF files seem to import directly into the database, and deleting one leaves my original file alone. Deleting a linked “unknown file type” put that file into my Trash, but this version was the one from the database folder (see #2 above). Nevertheless, it was disconcerting. Deleting a folder containing a bunch of imported images, gave me the option of deleting the files “from the disk,” which I thought would be OK since I assumed they were in my database folder. However, these files (that luckily went into my Trash and were recoverable) were deleted from my ORIGINAL folder, which I surely did not want deleted. Now there seems to be an internal logic here, but I think you would have to agree that it’s very confusing, scary, and potential dangerous to just go deleting things from a database.

These 3 things combined made me delete this database altogether, and put DTPro aside (again) for the time being. I’ve always had an inherent distrust of monolithic programs to hold my data, and I continually find myself running back to the good ol’ Finder, where all my files are individual files, and I know what I’m editing/deleting/etc. and what I’m not. I’d love to (finally) take advantage of what DTPro has to offer however, so any suggestions and/or notices about upcoming fixes, etc. woudl be appreciated.