Importing question

Hello all,

I have a question.  I can’t seem to import images from web pages as jpegs even though that is what their original format is.  Whenever I import web pages all the images are saved as tiffs so my databases are getting huge, and the whole app becomes very sluggish.  Is there a way for all imported images to be saved in their original format, which is usually jpegs?


Which browser do you use? Usually DT tries to import the best available format but of course DT can only store what’s provided by the original application.

I have tried using safari and mozilla.  With mozilla if I select all on a web page and import to devonthink the images aren’t even there.  With safari they are but all the images are tiffs which is insane.  It takes forever to import and the database is getting huge.  Any thoughts, ideas?

Thanks a lot,


If the images are quite small, this shouldn’t cause a huge overhead (and almnost no increase of memory usage). But generally services are only able to store data provided by the original application - DEVONthink does never modify data on its own.

Out of interest, salty74, how are you importing the web pages and images? I’ve been wondering the best way of doing the same thing. Are you using services, or drag/drop of images?

I ran a few test with 5 different browsers using drag/drop to DT of an unlinked jpg image. Each produced different files in DT. Here are the results (browser: file produced in DT)…

Safari 1.01: a web link, which displayed the image when connected to the net.

Omniweb 4.5: the jpg itself (28k)

Firebird 0.7.1: an rtf file containing the image url (with Name and URL fields = image url)

Camino 0.7: a pict of the jpg (128k)

IE 5.2.2: a pict (126k)

All quite different.

I also tried saving the image to disk (using CTRL CLICK menu or drag/drop to the desktop), then importing to DT (either File/Import… or drag/drop). Each of the above browsers saved the correct image format, so DT imported the file in its original format.

I hope this gives some ideas, and would love to hear how you’re going with this issue!