Importing results in indexing?

I am finding that sometimes when I import files and folder into a DT database or just drag them onto DT, DT insists on indexing them. What is happening here? :smiley:

If by "indexing’ you mean that DT has captured the text of the file(s) for display, searching and analysis, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

But there are two modes of capturing files into a database:

Index - File > Index, or the equivalent, Option-Command-drag & drop into the database.

Import - File > Import > Files & Folders, or the equivalent, drag & drop into the database.

When you Index a file or folder, the name of the corresponding document or group in your database displays a round blue symbol with a white lightning bold inside it. That signifies that there’s one-way synchronization from the file or folder in the Finder to its corresponding document or group in your database.

If you are getting the ‘Index’ symbols associated with documents created by drag & drop (the Import mode), that’s incorrect and indicates a problem with the operating system on your computer.

If that’s what is going on, my first question is whether you have installed ShapeShifter or a similar haxie that modifies the operating system. Installing third-party routines that deliberately modify Apple’s operating system can be a risky business and we generally advise against doing that.

We’ve had several reports of anomalous behavior such as difficulty in capturing PDF files caused by ShapeShifter within the past few days. Removing ShapeShifter and restarting clears up the operating system’s instability. If someone gave you ShapeShifter for Christmas, thank them. But please uninstall it if you want to get work done on your computer.

No, I don’t have ShapeShifter. But I do have WindowShade, which is also made by Unsanity. However, there is another program that is also a recommended install with Unsanity products called Application Enhancer. According to Unsanity:

“Application Enhancer (APE) is a system used in our and third-party products that helps them to enhance and redefine various applications behavior running on your system.”

I am thinking that this is the real problem, so I will remove it and see what happens when I import or drag files into a data base. If I still get the imdexing symbol, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for your fast response. Devon has the best support I have ever gotten!

I’m suspicious of WindowShade, too. If the problem continues, try removing WindowShade.

Apple’s OS X is a pretty complex operating system and Apple has spent a lot of effort in designing and testing each release. I think it’s a crap shoot to install third-party code that modifies the operating system. The outcome can be unintended results.

That said, I install things such as DefaultFolder, because it can be so convenient. But I’ve had occasional problems and have had to turn it off until a bug was corrected in a later version.

I try to keep OS X pretty standard on my computers. It’s less risky. I’ve been using my MacBook Pro since March, 2006. It has yet to have a panic or system crash. I like that. :slight_smile: