Importing RSS-Feeds as PDF?


hope, i post this in the correct forum. I use DT since some years and are very comfortable with this great piece of software. Just learned some days ago, how to import RSS-Feeds. Great. BUT … is there any way, to get the feed instead as a link to the HTML file directly converted to a PDF, which is stored in DT? Would be great for offline-reading - i use this feature e.g. to get all my instapaper stuff into DT …

Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Kind regards
Johannes Angerer

P.S.: Looking forward to DT To Go for iPad. Hope the extra round will not last to long!

This is not built-in but you could create an AppleScript script or Automator action to accomplish this.

Hi, I just got DT and was wondering the same thing. If I could figure out the AppleScript for it, is there a way for the script to be run whenever the feed is updated so that I don’t have to remember to do it? Thanks!

You can attach a script to the feed (see Info panel) which will be executed after selecting/displaying the feed in columns/3-pane/split view or after opening the feed in its own window.