importing SiteSucker downloads breaks links

Hello. As most DT Forum members have mentioned, SiteSucker gives us much more control over downloading websites. Sadly, when dragging a sucked folder into DTP, the links break. For example, the main index file shows this in the DTP URL bar:


On this page is a link. Hover over it and you get this in the URL bar:


Needless to say, this doesn’t work—there is no hello' subdirectory insideFiles.noindex/html/7/’. The actual location of `Abd.html’ is here:


Any tips, besides using DTP’s own site sucking function, which is option-poor?

Site downloads with SiteSucker or other DL utility work best when the site is download as a folder hierarchy that is indexed in DEVONthink. This preserves the site’s paths and broken links should not occur. Site linkages for folders and documents imported into DEVONthink can get broken because behind the scenes DEVONthink stores files in internal database file structure that matches no site. Nothing is lost by indexing a downloaded site hierarchy – DEVONthink knows as much about your indexed files as it knows about imported files.