Importing/Syncing aliases

I have noticed that if you import a folder with aliases DT Pro ignores the files unless you have the preference to link unknown file types checked, however if you go back and sync the folder it will add the file and if it exists elsewhere in your database it creates a duplicate (at least with PDF’s). I find this a problem since changing one will not change the others as it will in the finder. If DT Pro is smart enough to recognize the file as a duplicate should it not be able to make it into a replicated file (which is more like an alias)… or better yet ask what you would like to do?


agreed. My problem was that if for some reason I have a duplicate, I would like to make it a replicate. There should be a command or at least an AppleScript for that (I still cannot write AppleScripts :blush: ). Similar problem: I would like to find the other replicates or duplicates, this works only in very few cases which are not logically defined.

Like you I hope that DT will become smarter in that respect!


Add my request (again) to make it easy to search for duplicates/replicates (which may be scattered throughout a database). The Next/Previous Instance commands are only marginally useful and assume you’ve already located one instance of a replicated item rather than having the ability to search for and list replicated items.

While it’s now possible to search by label and state (thanks!) I can’t figure out how to construct “find all items with label x and/or state y” searches.

The History window is useful for getting a flat view of an entire database although its limitations can be frustrating, e.g. lack of customizable/sortable columns. I’d wish it (or some other DT window/view) could be more analogous to the main iTunes Library for managing items.

Um, the behavior you describe seems to solve a question I have, but somehow things aren’t working for me as you describe.

That is, I would like to synchronize folders containing aliases pointing to files found in other folders; I do not want to import the files themselves, but synch and keep the database as small as possible. I do have “other file types” selected under the Import tab of preferences, but DT keeps telling me that the alias files are zero bytes and unknown format, without indexing their respective source files.

So, is it really possible to do what I want to do, or do I have to organize my files the other way around – that is, put the actual files in subject-based folders and leave the aliases to those files in separate folders organized by filename/authorname? (Note: All the files in question have filenames that begin with author surname_initials, so they sort nicely.) Maybe when you write “go back and sync the folder it will add the file,” you are referring to importing rather than indexing…

Does all that make sense? I hope so. And, I hope you or someone on the forum can answer the question! Thanks, in advance…

– John