Importing tables intor DT

Hi, I’ve been using DT happily as a web clipping database. Brilliant mostly. Images, text, formatting etc all transferred to DT effortlessly. Where I have problems is with docs that contain text in tables. I have been visiting a lot of sites recently that present much of their information in tabular form. Why don’t these tables transfer correctly (usually as one long column). Does anyone have any suggestions for getting around this or is it a limitation of DT?



if you import the page as HTML, everything will display nicely. If you translate it to Text or RTF, the tables will become what they are in the HTML document: a simple column of text.

I recommend capturing the page (as HTML) or printing it as PDF into DevonThink.


Hi Maria,
thanks for prompt reply. I’ve had a play and your html tip worked. I was looking for a way to drop html in that was as easy as using the services option that works so well with text and rtf. It adds one more step to the process but I can live with that :slight_smile:


like you I would like to get rid of the additional steps. The DT browser is getting better, and there will be the day when we can just capture a page from within DT!


Yes, with DT Pro.



thanks for the ‘heads up’. Does this suggest that I might not have to wait too long for a solution to my problem ? :wink:

I’m still using DT in demo as your generous trial period has allowed me to explore this software properly before purchasing. I have a number of applications collecting dust because I didn’t have the opportunity to evaluate them properly. It wasn’t till I had been using them with real data that I discovered their shortfalls. DT takes some time to fully appreciate what it is capable of and so far I have been impressed with both the software, the support and community who support and use it. I have been waiting for DTPro to be released before purchasing. It sounds great.


Previously, at least, the cost of upgrading from DT Personal Edition to DT Pro was going to be simply the difference in cost between the two. If this is still the case (which I think it is), you might want to consider just purchasing the Personal Edition now to start getting use out of it :slight_smile: