Importing Thunderbird (MBOX) format email files


As a newbie with DTPro (trial) I find myself struggling to import email messages
from a Thunderbird local file (ie. on the MAC, not in IMAP or POP).

I did a File->Import-Files and Folders, and the mail fixes (MBOX format) show up
in the group I want, but when I try and search for content (I know is inside) these
email files no results are returned.

Drag and drop from Thunderbird of all the selected messages fails as well :frowning:

Has anyone successfully found a way to import such Thunderbird email content.

Having DTPro know all about my Thunderbird email would make me a paying
customer in an instance … until then… hmmm I still need to find more value…

Hope you can help.

BTW. I don’t want to switch to



You will be interested in the new DEVONthink Pro Office product, it will support the import of Thunderbird mail messages while keeping the formatting intact. We should announce a pubic beta pretty soon now.

Very good news… I’ll keep checking out DTPro and then the beta of DTPro Office…

Have the power of DTPro applied to my email archive will be excellent. If all works
out with the beta then you’ll have a customer!

Thanks in advance.


I just took an MBOX folder and imported it via…

The MBOX file took forever (5000 messages) to import both into
and then via the AppleScript into DTPro… Hmmm…

With your DTPro Office product, when if it provides access to
(Thunderbird) email…

Q1. Will it do something (index/know about) email attachments?

Q2. Will it be able to express the message threads that are visible in
the email client?
- I’m not asking for DTPro to become an email client, but at least
realize the the inherent threaded email trail has some value.


Yes to Q1, but no indexing of attachments.

Yes to Q2, it will be reflected using groups.

It will also be possible to create a mail message for your favourite email program with the record as attachment if supported by AppleEvents for that specific mail program (no attachments for Thunderbird I’m afraid).