Importing to a specific database

When I send an email to DTPO using by choosing Message->Add to DEVONthink Pro Office, is there any way to get the email into a specific database or does it always have to go to the Global Inbox and then be manually moved?


The DTPO Mail import command will use whatever setting you have selected in the Preferences>Import pane.

In DEVONthink Pro Office’s Preferences > “Import” you could choose “Destination” and DEVONthink Pro Office would ask you everytime, to which database/folder the mail should be filed to. Please note, that this will apply to everything you import, not only mails.

Alternatively you could create rules that execute scripts, in which the databases and the destination groups in that databases are defined (and attachments in addition if you want to have these added to a separate folder too), see this post
I use such rules and run them separately for private and business mail to get the suff into different databases.
If you set up rules with the scripts, the email will be filed automatically when they arrive to DEVONthink Pro Office. Unfortunalety with Apple Mail 6 in OS 10.8 the automatic import is broken and I’m hoping for a bugfix from Apple soon, but the rules work, when you run them manually and prior to Mountain Lion the “auto-import” works.

Greg and Berd:

Thank you. I think at this point, when I’m just beginning and have lots to import, being asked every time for the destination will not be a problem. I appreciate the suggestions.

If you have a lot to import and are just starting, you could also go DtPO > menu bar > Import > Mail.
DEVONthink Pro Office will import the folders from mail respecting their structure (subfolders) and you could file from there on within DtPO.

Please have a look at the > Preferences > “email” before you import that way.

Thanks, Bernd. That seems to be a great way to import a lot of mail at once when just starting out.