Importing to a specific folder

I must have missed it, but how do you bring documents into a specific folder in DTP? Everytime i import something, via services, etc. it always winds up in the root DTP directory…


Technically you can’t (AFAIK). However there are Applescripts available with names such as “Copy selection to Current Group” (this could be altered with some scripting ability) and “Copy Slection to …” which gives you a sort of dialog box where you can make your choice. I have these in my Script menu so they are available all the time. I seem to remember a plugin (Big Cat?) that allows you to use scripts in the contextual menu so that might be another idea

Preferences> Import > New Notes: (select your default… mine is called “Incoming”)

I am still new at this but I love it. However, this incarnation lacks somes of the features I took for granted in Stickybrain (no I don’t mean “SOSO Notes” - I dumped that!) such as send to folders of choice (via Services or CMenu) and Palm Synching

Still … it looks better! And, as I said, I am a newbie so I am missing loads of features

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also copy text to the clipboard and right-click on DTP’s icon in the dock and select “New With Clipboard” to import the contents of the clipboard to a specific folder. My favorite is to have DTP display its groups (Tools>Show Groups) which will float the groups window over other applications. You can minimize this window and pop it up when needed and drag any text, file, etc. into a specific folder in DTP. I do this all the time to import PDF documents into DTP. For text clippings, I use the Services shortcuts to take plain or rich text notes which then import into my Temp folder, which is described above.

Wow…I didn’t know about the dockmenu method nor the floating group box. Thats great.

I have to say though that there are so many different ways to access the commands to save to DT that I am getting a bit confused-- scripts, context menu, bookmarklets, and now the dock. I know it sounds a bit silly to complain about having too many choices, but…

I suppose I need to just standardize on a way to do things.

Yeah, I tried out all the different methods and found ways that I felt comfortable with. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but the best way through it is to try things out and find what works best for you. I have several methods on getting things into DT, depending on the type of file it is and what I want to do with it. A week or two of working with it and you’ll settle into something and eventually it will be almost automatic!



Thanks, guys. Hate to say it, but I am staying with the newer version of SOHO Notes until Devon comes up with a more intuitive and direct way to do this. I like the sidebar that is always available and that lists all of the folders and allows a direct drop from any app. Also like the easily customizable foder icons.

No question that DTP is better once you get the data inside it. But getting it there is still to clunky for me…


Sorry you missed the Groups panel, which can be made always available from the Dock and that displays all the groups and allows a direct drop from any app. :slight_smile:

And the group icons are easily customizable, in the normal Mac OS X way. Select a group, open its Info panel and replace the folder image with any image of your choice.

SOHO and DT are suited to different users. I have used both and I find DT far more suitable for heavy-duty research needs. Its sorting and organizing features far outway SOHO as does its ability to capture and export in a wide variety of formats. If the sidebar is the only thing that is keeping you from DT, then as Bill said, the groups panel should do the trick. The only difference is that SOHO has that nifty little hideaway bar which I agree is nice and also loads on startup. You could accomplish the same thing by activating Show Groups, setting a database as default, and loading that at startup. I believe DT will actually load in less time than it takes the SOHO code to run at startup.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again. I tried the “show groups” and it certainly is nice. The only problem is that I use DragThing with auto-hiding enabled. This means that all apps are hidden except the one you are working on. That, in conjunction with Apple’s new mouse that lets you switch apps with the side buttons is slick.

Anyway, the SOHO Notes side bar can be set up to be floating, which lets me simply drag stuff from any app into the appropriate folder. I am not doing any heavy research - just saving stuff. I did purchase DTP, and I will keep track of its progress. Already checked and I can export from SOHO to DTP, so its just a waiting game…


If I was just “saving stuff”, I think SOHO notes is probably fine although I switched to a program call Notebook from Circus Ponies for that function. It lets you create custom notebooks with all kinds of neat features.

It just goes to show that different users have different needs and there will never be one app to suit everybody. Ican’t tell you how PIMS, organizers, etc that I have gone through over the years. Right now, DT is the best I have ever used for organizing information into a coherent, searchable structure but when my needd cannot be met within an “outliner” format, I shift to Tinderbox.

if you like to have your outlines a little more »visual«, you should try the nice little program »incubator«. for me it’s exctly that, what dt is missing.


I fooled around with Incubator for a little while…seems alot like a Mind Mapper to me. I am not sure how it relates to DT. If you want to see a FAR more sophisticated outliner/mapper then take a look at Tinderbox. I suppose what DT could add would be some kind of visual mapper of the data base where you could play around with the structure that way. As it stands, I am using DT for organizing large document databases where I can perceive the outline structure without need of more assistance than the program already provides. If I have a really challenging set of data, then I will use Tinderbox to ascertain the structure.

I think there will always be different tools for different needs and the search for the perfect “PIM” will go on forever.

i agree. incubator is a kind of mind-mapper. but it makes me working without touching the mouse. you can type your structure like with an outliner, but see it more »2-dimensional«. and at least you may export your outline-structure as ».opml«.

i tried to get near to tinderbox as well. but it seems to be a »big bertha«, while i rather like to use an airgun. if i anytime have to plan something like the marketing-plan for microsoft or anything that big, i know where to buy tinderbox. :laughing:

perhaps you will have a look at »curio«?

by the way (and if someone who may know reads this): devonagent has that delightful graphical view on themes. wouldn’t something like that be very nice to dt?

I think Tinderbox has uses for projects smaller than a Microsoft marketing plan although it is an expensive program. if all youo want to do is some “light” visual organizing of ideas, why are you using DT in the first place? There are a million “Mand Mappers” that will do that.

I do agree that a visual component to Dt would be nice, but not for what you describe.

For traditional outlining I haven’t found a better application than OmniOutliner Pro; it is amazing!

Like DEVONthink Pro, it has strong AppleScript support so can be integrated into custom workflows.

I have thought of a workflow that may address my issues with DT, in my environment:

  1. create a folder “inbox” as the default Import folder
  2. open the Groups window in DT and turn off Hiding in preferences
  3. exclude DT from hiding in DragThing (very important!)
  4. collapse DT to dock

This way I can easily drag selections to appropriate folders, and import to a single folder. Also can retain the features of DragThing.

The only limitation remains the Services, which adds to the root DT.

With all the horsepower of DT, one would hope they get this “getting it in the proper place” thing worked out!!!


Designdog, don’t forget that DT Pro Preferences > Import allows you multiple choices on the destination of new content, and Services honors that designation, e.g. your “Incoming” group. Or the currently open group. Or (when you get sufficiently organized) automatically classify the new content.


I tried that via Services, and it worked! Now - where do i look to find out about automatic classification…"