importing to DT from Mail

I would like a way to select a group for importing email directly from Mail to DTPO, using the Import in DTPO plug in feature. It worked really well and I as able to select a folder in Mail and the email showed up perfectly in Dt, which is super. But there were 66 emails running around loose in the top level of my db! I had to wrangle those suckers into a folder and then into the group into which I wanted them. Very cumbersome. I’d like to be able to import directly to a group/folder. I have over 4000 emails in my Mail program, many of which I would like to archive, so it would be quite a mess to have it import without being able to select a folder.

The other way I could do it of course is to do it from within DTPO’s new import mail feature. However, it doesn’t seem to recognize smart folders, and virtually all of my mail is organized by smart folders. I can select a smart folder in Mail and it imports just fine, but with the above problem–can’t put them into a group and they create quite a mess.

So I guess my request is two-fold–to be able to select a folder when importing email from Mail into DTPO and also to be able to select smart folders, if possible, from the Import, Email feature within DTPO. Either way wold get me where I need to go!


PS Also, is it supposed to take so long to archive? I archived a folder with 7 files and it seemed to take quite a long while. Much longer with the 66 emails. But they do look great!

If you import straight from the Mail application the messages will go to your preference for “New Notes”.

Your other request has been added to the feature list but no guarantee as to when or if it will be done.

Thanks for the response, and for adding the request to your list. I understand its not a guarantee of anything.

I’ll change that so new notes go into a group. But it’s still going to be a mix of all kinds of things added, and the emails still have to be culled out, organized and moved to another folder. I do love the new Import, Email option as well as the plug in. But it seems like there should be a way to get the files where they need to go a bit more directly.

Thanks again,