Importing video files?

I have found out how to import a sound file into DevonThink Pro but so far I am unable to import a music video, when I do so by File>Import>Files & Folders and then navigate to the appropriate iTunes folder and item, (which works for sound files) all I get is an imported grey screen. If I then click on the play button the little progress thingie moves but no picture or sound. Any ideas and help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

What kind of file are you importing? If it’s protected, then it might be only playable via iTunes.

Ah…yes I guess it would be protected as it is a music video bought from iTunes. Thanks for your help.

This is just one case, and may not be representative at all, but I have experience (with an older version of DT) of a single video file rendering a database unusable and of it being very difficult to delete it. I certainly don’t intend to use it again for keeping video. And because video isn’t searchable and classifiable like text, I’m also wondering if there would be any advantage to storing video in it.