Importing Web Pages- Multiple Folders

I am new to DevonThink, and I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before.

When I import a web page using the “Import Site” menu item, more often than not what I get is a whole host of nested folders followed by a web archive icon titled “index. html” which, when clicked on, yields the full web page. After importing just a few web pages I have several identical “index.html” entries and dozens of nested folders containing no comprehensible information but which seem to be necessary to support the web pages.

The only way I have found to import a static image of the web page without all of the other stuff is to first download it as a web archive and then drag it into DevonThink. Isn’t there an easier way? Am I missing something?

The download manager’s job is to download (and import on demand) lots of files or complete web sites but not to create web archives of a single web page.

To do this, you could either add the Archive bookmarklet to the bookmarks of your browser or use the “Add web archive to DEVONthink” scripts (available for Safari, OmniWeb, Camino, Firefox and DEVONagent).

If you’re using DEVONagent, then it’s possible to add web archives easily to DEVONthink via Data > Add To DEVONthink, via the contextual menus or via the popup menu in the upper right corner of browser windows.

Got it! Thanks.