Importing website?

I’m not quite figuring out how to import a website… I set up the Download Manager options for “Offline Archive” and to download most everything “On Same Host.” I enter the web address, and sure enough, the elements of the website begin downloading.

But I’ve got two problems… (1) The site contents download to a Finder directory–not into a DTP database, and (2) the pieces don’t seem to work together very well. There’s no html of the main page, for instance; and those htmls I do find and launch in a browser, they don’t seem to link properly to the files which I know have downloaded.

Any recommendations?

That’s a known issue of the current betas.

The download manager doesn’t modify the downloaded files, therefore the browser doesn’t know the right URL and can’t load additional resources. However, after importing them to DEVONthink, the pages should be rendered as expected.

Thanks… After importing into DTP (from my Downloads folder), things work quite a bit better. Not perfectly–but I’ll play around a little bit.
Not bad, this program. :slight_smile: