Importing websites in Devonthink Pro 2.0

Am I missing something?

I want to import a webpage and all of its linked pages into Devonthink.

So far I have only manaaged to import a Web Archive or PDF of the page itself from DevonAgent.

What should I do?




Do you mean that you have a folder with the web page and all its linked pages? Or do you want DTPO to collect all this information off the Internet?

If you’ve got the folder, I’d think you could just drag it into a DTPO database. If you want it to interact with a remote web site, I think you’ll have to visit each page manually, or use wget (or some other utility) and/or an Applescript.

(Someone more knowledgable than I may have better suggestions.)

Best, Charles


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I mean that I want to get a webpage and all its linked pages from the internet and into Devonthink

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Tim Norman

It’s only possible via DEVONthink Pro’s download manager. Please note that the current betas of v2.0 do not yet support downloading into a database, only to a folder.