Improve Breadcrumb View

[size=150]Currently we have the view below, and it’s not interactive, even not visible enough :slight_smile:[/size]

[size=150]Can we have something like this:[/size]

[size=150]Second one is interactive and visually appealing. I can move in the hierarchy by clicking breadcrumbs.[/size]


Thumbs up! This view from PathFinder is great.

This thread is now five years old and there’s been no response from the DT development team, nor has there been any sign that it will be implemented.

Why not?

I don’t understand why DT would display a breadcrumb, yet not make it clickable. It’s like a tease. There are many ways to navigate the DT hierarchy. If you use the Three Pane view and navigate by single-clicking and expanding each level, you’ll always have the hierarchy displayed. However, if you double click on any folder, you’re immediately transported into no-man’s land in terms of hierarchical context. This is where a clickable breadcrumb would be extremely valuable.

Consider the attached screen shot. As you can see, I’ve navigated down into:

Marketing->Social Media Marketing->Facebook

Suppose I want to return to the parent Social Media Marketing folder. Sure, I could use the “Enclosing Folder” toolbar button to navigate to that folder and continue clicking it to walk back up the hierarchy, but the breadcrumb is right there! Why can’t I click on it? What if I want to jump directly to the Marketing folder? Presently, there’s no way to accomplish that.

Breadcrumb navigation has been tried and tested. It’s one of the most popular navigation paradigms on the web and in thousands of applications. It’s popular because it’s intuitive, efficient and provides a sense of context. DT is arguably the leading hierarchical document manager on the OS X platform, yet it doesn’t support the most popular hierarchical navigation paradigm. This makes no sense to me, particularly since you’ve already gone to the effort to implement a breadcrumb. Now, all you have to do is add the links.