Improve Tables Request

I understand that you use the Apple textedit tables functionality, but it’s not fit for purpose. Functionality should be similar to (sorry) Evernote. You can’t do simple things like insert a row. Even if you paste a table into Word to edit it screws up the table width when pasting it back into a RFT note…

Until Apple changes their software, remember you can always use your RTF editor of your choice that handles tables as you like. That’s what’s great about DEVONthink in that they don’t restrict access to files in DEVONthink using other tools.


Thanks for the reply, but as I said if you use Word for example it messes up the table widths when pasting it back into DT…

Well, pick from:

  • do not use Word if it does not work for you
  • do not do the table in Word then paste back as text
  • do “open with” Word and work on entire file including the tables
  • do use use Word to work only on the table and if you want to paste back, paste using a method that works, e.g. as an image.

The “open with” is my preferred way.

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