Improved Tags

I love DT, but one thing I don’t like at all is the way tags are implemented. Trying to make groups and tags “similar” really doesnt work for me (yes, I know that internally they are similar, but they arent the same for most users).

Problem 1: Groups are tags by default. I have dozens and dozens of groups in my databases. When i try to look at tag view i see a HUGE cluttering of tags with group names. I don’t want a group to be a tag unless i specifically ASK it to be. The default should be to exclude a group from being a tag unless a user really wants it.

Problem 2: Hierarchical tags. Tag systems are rarely hierarchical, but since in DT they are really groups tags DO have a hierarchy. I have a lot of groups with the same name (for example, many “Emails” groups buried inside different groups). The result is the tag list has many many identically named entries, making tags almost impossible to navigate.

Problem 3: Tags really seem to have been an after-thought, and are rather crudely bolted into the UI. Compared to (say) Evernote the tag system in DT is really rather obscure imho.

The result (for me) is that I avoid the tag system in DT, which is annoying as many of my tasks could really really be made simpler by a well-designed tag system.


  1. Have using a group as a tag DISABLED by default, to keep the tags namespace uncluttered by noise.
  2. Rework the UI to make tags a first-class part of DT. It should be trivial to filter on tags independently of the group view, add or remove a tag from an item etc etc.


“Exclude groups from tagging” can be toggled on/off in each database’s properties (File > Database Properties …).

I agree 100% that the tag presentation and filtering is so 2000s (actually, so 1990s) :wink:

I don’t think you’d find many who like it. Meanwhile, there’s Ammonite which is a great tag browser – and it ignores group tags.

Thanks for the suggestion, the next release will change this.