Improvements to Downloads

It’s handy to be able to just option-click on a link to download it to, er, Downloads. And yet I don’t tend to used it very much, compared to the Capture and Add to DT contextual menu commands. Two things would improve it:

  1. if the resulting files bore their actual names, rather than the strange truncation of their url they are current assigned. At the least, it would be nice it there were a smart rule to do this automatically as each page lands, but I don’t seem to be able to manage it — I’ve tried using the “Rename … To Web Page Title” script, but I can’t seem to make it work except “On Demand.”
  2. if there were an option to download in clutter-free format.

The download manager should retain the filenames, not necessarily the visible title of web pages. Could you post an example link?

They look like this:

So yeah, I guess it’s the file name, but I’d prefer it was the title of the web page, the same as when you clip (rather than download) an article. Small thing, I know: being able to download in clutter-free format would be a bigger deal.