Improvements to tagging needed

I have started to use tags on some of the latest additions to my DTP database, and am quite pleased with them as an excellent “index” is now coming together in front of my eyes. But tagging needs a few improvements.

  1. The small strip for adding tags at the bottom of each document (or the info panel) is often too small to see all the tags, or add more. This is especially true if some of the tags are auto-generated, i.e. those that relate to groups already found in the database in which the document might be filed. My first request is the ability to enlarge that space both to see the tags and to more easily add tags, currently a real nuisance.

Edit: have just discovered how to exclude groups from tagging. Rather hidden away on Database Properties panel. It would be better to group all tagging preferences in the Preferences panel. It would have been a more logical place to look for it IMHO.

  1. It would be good to have tag suggestions for each document based on analysis of the content

  2. It would be good to be able to add a tag or tags to multiple files found in searches. At the moment individual tagging seems to be the only way. I have 1.5 million+ untagged documents built up over 7 years, and I would like to be able to gradually tag them. Searching for terms and applying tags to multiple documents would help.

  3. I dislike the fact that if I add a tag which happens also to be the name of a group somewhere in the database, that the tag no longer shows up in the list of tags. The whole idea of looking in one place, like an index, is messed up. It also means I cannot use tags properly. EDIT: solved if groups are excluded from tagging, see above.

  4. I also hate the fact that tags are applied automatically based on where a tag term is used elsewhere in the database. A document with, say, 5 tags on it can suddenly acquire 50 tags due to a tag term I’ve used being the name of a group many levels deep within the database. It makes a nonsense of all the tags I do want to use and means I cannot see the wood for the trees. Can’t you separate auto-generated tags from the tags we give a document? i.e. two separate classes of tags. EDIT: solved by excluding groups from tagging.

  5. It would be useful to be able to replicate tags to different parts of the database so that I can access all tagged items under given headings in an area of the database where that information will be useful. I tried replicating a tag, but it turns the original tag into a group which then seems incongruent in the list of tags.

I would love to know how you will be tackling all these issues.

Impressive! :open_mouth:

… considering my MBP has “only” ~600K total files on it.

Yes. Mine’s a bit more than that :wink:

My main DTP database alone has 1,514,690 files containing over 1 billion words (the wordcount column isn’t wide enough to show the full number). It’s a testimony to DTP that it handles that volume without ever falling over.

Especially considering Christian’s significantly lower recommended limits.

Was unaware of those limits. Went. Sailing past a long time ago